LCC MA: Human Relationships – shoots 1 & 2

LCC MA: Human Relationships – shoots 1 & 2

  • On 2nd March 2009

This has been a tricky one to organise and get access. I have been pursuing quite a few options that were pending so in the end I went with 2 subjects I could shoot over the weekend and one I am shooting tomorrow-hopefully!

The first one I shot was a band preparing for a gig…really glad I could push to 1600ASA as it was barely lit, hence sticking to B&W and the grainy effect I have ended up with. In colour there are so many colours due to the colour temperatures of the light sources in the venue. They were interesting but I felt B&W gave them that documentary edge and removed them once step away from ‘gig shots’ and more into the realm of reportage…

Second shoot wasn’t so demanding technically but time wise it was. I was asked to return the favour where I was shooting (teaching English to Migrants, Asylum Seekers and Refugees) and shoot some ‘urgent’ shots for them for an event they are holding this Saturday. Of course, I did some that I thought they could use as well but I had to be quite strict and impress the point that I wasn’t going to just keep coming back and shoot for free! I didn’t explain it in those terms but hopefully that’s what came across…

Colour shoot3 1 and 2-Migrant English Project, The Cowley Club Brighton

B&W shoot- Brighton band Gentleman Starkey