LCC MA: ReTHINK, REthink, Rethink, RETHINK…

  • On 2nd October 2009

This week our mapjd09 group has decided on its theme for the group project. Rethink. After countless posts and comments discussing what our theme might be Rethink entered as a late comer and I for one am very pleased that it did. Up until this point in the process I felt unusually quiet about offering up my suggestions. I guess instincts are often right and my instinct throughout this process was to hang back a bit.

Now that we have agreed on this theme it’s time to start doing some thinking around possible subjects and a way of interpreting that subject to my audience. Rethink has particulary struck a chord with me as conceptually my work has developed over the past few years to incorporate the concept of rethinking how we represent. My work silent voice did this successefully. My first LCC piece Insh’Allah aimed to address issues of misrepresentation around culture and religion and I deliberately deployed unconventional techniques whilst shooting as well as whilst editing and laying the work out. That is not to say I have already ‘achieved’ the Rethink concept rather to remind myself that this is an area within which I have situated my practice for some time so this gives me an exciting opportunity to really develop.