LCC MA: RPS Bursary, Perpignan, portfolios

  • On 2nd September 2009

I didn’t receive the RPS bursary (Hasselblad plans on hold again!) but after hassling twice very politely for some feedback they told me that my submission was among one of the strong candidates with a well presented and coherent body of work. So not all bad then and definately useful feedback going forward for next time.

Term 1 essay arrived back in my inbox. Judging from the amount of comments (all extremely useful) I wasn’t expecting to do very well at all but it turns out I did! I am not used to receiving a relatively high mark which focuses on all negative feedback-but I can instantly see how this is way more useful than receiving a good mark and good comments-where would you go from there? All in all I am pleased. I haven’t written an academic piece of work for 2.5 years and its the first term- surely things can only go up from here – hope?!

Off to Perpignan tomorrow
Really pleased I am going now. Just read this survival guide which was really interesting:
I was wondering what to bring as a portfolio. I have been collating work I shot in Kenya last year into a photoessay and am pleased with what I have. So concentrating on this one piece this will be the piece I bring in a small portfolio along with my book about an asylum seeker- silent voice.
I am also glad that I will be camping with some of the other LCC people. It sounds as though Perp. is somewhere you would do well to escape from every now and then over the week. Looking forward to meeting all the virtual lccmapjd’ers! See ya there…