Peacehaven in III Parts – installation opens for Brighton Photo Fringe

Peacehaven in III Parts – installation opens for Brighton Photo Fringe

  • On 2nd October 2010

On Friday 29 October 2010 at 6pm the Mayor of Peacehaven will officially open my exhibition at The Dewdrop Inn in Peacehaven. This will be an occasion for all of the bodies of work which make up Peacehaven in III Parts to come together and unite, most importantly with an audience.

It is the audience’s presence at the installation which is necessary. This will lift the project from being a series of photographs and documents into another- its own- reality. The installation aims to capture and recreate my journey of discovery to the audience so that they can share in some of those feelings. It celebrates the town and it’s population and presents my version of its history back to the people who have provided me with it. I hope to instill a sense of enchantment and discovery within the audience as they retrace the towns past and become acquainted with the present within the mock up 1930’s room installation space.

Hosting this interactive installation in the oldest pub in the town is a fitting back drop for a project which respects the past as well as the now. No single image or format of visual imagery is singled out as superior to any other as archive photographs & contemporary portraits merge to tell the story of a town created as a ‘peaceful haven’ post WWI.

You can even get your photo taken with a sitting room backdrop and become part of the exhibition, contributing towards a ‘living archive’.

Andy 1-audience portrait for Peacehaven in III Parts