Photoworks review of Peacehaven in III Parts

Photoworks review of Peacehaven in III Parts

  • On 2nd July 2011

Rebecca Drew, Deputy Director of Photoworks

“Peacehaven was once a utopian dream, a statement of post-war optimism. Amelia has skilfully documented its current reality as a neglected coastal town wedged between bohemian Brighton and the more conservative Eastbourne.”

To coincide with the recent launch of Photoworks’ fantastic new website they have launched their online ‘Magazine Showcase’. The online Showcase allows them to share the best of the work which is submitted to them with a wider audience and to support emerging talent.

I am delighted that a portfolio of my work has been selected to be a part of their first Showcase. Photoworks’ are promoting feedback and dialogue about all of the works selected so please have a browse through and leave comments if you feel inspired to Photoworks’ Showcase.