All That I Left Behind

All That I Left Behind
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    In Too Deep

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    In Over My Head

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    Banging My Head Against A Brick Wall

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    On The Edge

  • Motherhood photography

    Flipping Out

In this new series I use the mother-gaze to create staged, cinematic tableaus performed for the camera. 

Awkward, isolated & at odds with my environment these humorous scenes express feelings of being lost & uncertain as a mother & additionally as one who has settled in a foreign country. 

Within each frame I am fleeing the domestic. Venturing into the outside world. I aim to bring to life the buried, unrepresented archetypes of the Mother. As mothers we are constantly in flux. Needed at home, yet we have a need to escape. Frequently exhaustion & overwhelm outweigh the rewards. Boredom replaces awesome. We experience isolation with the burden of attachment. 

Part of me was troubled that in making multiple works about motherhood I would be typecast as ‘mother-photographer/artist’. But I see this as essential work, giving a voice to others who experience similar feelings. 

This series strives to create iconic powerful images which transcend the frame & speak to many. Ultimately making this work helps me occupy my mother-identity.