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Birth Photography
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Birth Photography in Spain

I cover births across the whole of the Andalucian region – Huelva, Cadiz, Seville, Jaen, Cordoba, Almeria – and in particular in the provinces of Malaga and Granda as I am located in Nerja. Most recently I was able to be the birth photographer in Ronda at an amazing hypno-birth in the beautiful mountainous region which surround historic Ronda.

Being a birth photographer in Spain is an enormous privilege. Thanks to my documentary and reportage photography background I’m able to totally focus on capturing the momentous, life-changing and beautiful experience which birth is. I’m able to capture the subtle, quiet moments in labour with sensitivity and patience as well as being able to seize and capture the moments of great emotion, energy and power which present themselves at birth. I record the vitality, intensity and focus of everyone in the birth room throughout the labour and birth. The huge range of emotions during a labour and birth most frequently end in joy and relief as baby is born into this world. Imagine having all of this captured, commemorated forever? The hours of pre-labour, labour, birth and the hours immediately after can pass us by and they are so very special and unique. If you decide to have these photographed professionally you will only ever be thankful that you did. I will be unobtrusively present for you. Discreetly and calmly supporting you during the process along with your birth team. I have two small children myself, have attended many births and have a great ability to connect with people so you are in safe, capable hands.

How it works

From 38 weeks I will be on-call 24/7. Day and night – this means I go to bed with my phone on. I am only ever 45 minutes from my house. My hospital bag is packed in the car. I’m able to leave within 45 minutes of receiving the call. I’m yours for 2 hours or 12 hours or however long it takes. If at week 42 you go into labour and I am with you for another 24 hours, that’s fine. The price you pay is the same as it would be if you birthed at 39 weeks for example. When you are in the flow of labour you certainly don’t want to be worrying about money, my hours etc!

Prices and details

  • Standard Birth Photography Package is €800* 10% non-refundable deposit required to book me, then a further 25% (approx €200) required before the birth. I happily take payment plans and work with you as understand that this is an investment not easily easily afforded.
  • You decide when I arrive to start documenting your birth. We can discuss this in our initial chats which I’m happy to do in person if we live within and hour of each other or over Skype/WhatsApp if further away. I can come from the first moments of contractions or more commonly, when you are more dilated.
  • Home births are covered and if hospital birth then authorisation is required (usually a conversation with your Gynaecologist and the hospital).
  • I stay for a few hours after the birth to capture those precious first few holds, feeds and cuddles.
  • I allow up to 3 weeks for the entire editing process but can send a quick selection of 12 photos within 48 hours as know how excited you’ll be to see them!
  • Photos are sent via wetransfer as a downloadable link. Each individual photo is professionally and carefully edited and provided in high-resolution in a combination of black and white and colour. These are suitable for printing. I also send an entire set of low-resolution smaller photographs suitable for sharing online/mobile etc.
  • Typically your birth photography portfolio will have 150-300 images depending of course on the length of the labour and birth etc.
  • If I’m not able to get to the birth in time because of for example a very quick labour, I will come as soon as I can and photograph the subsequent hours including a ‘newborn baby’ photography shoot at no extra cost.
  • If the birth results in a cesarian section then it’s up to the Gynaecologist and you whether I should be present. I am happy to be there of course. I it’s decided that I shouldn’t be in the delivery room then I will wait patiently and resume photographing as soon as I am able.

* If you’re restricted by a smaller budget, please do still get in touch as we can discuss a bespoke package within your budget

Please email me here to discuss anything to do with birth photography