Welcome to ‘New Skin’! A project about motherhood…

  • On 29th April 2016

New Skin: Exploring Motherhood Photo Project Brighton Photo Fringe 2016

Hello and welcome!

I’m Amelia Shepherd, photographer, twin, kick-boxer and oh er, yes a Mother to a just turned two year old boy it would seem. They weren’t lying when they said time flies… and there’s nothing like a marker of time than your ever-evolving baby – toddler – child.

What’s it all about?

I’ve been taking heaps, tonnes (too many?!) photos – as you would imagine in my line of work – of my son since he was born. Well, more accurately, before he was born as I even managed to turn my own pregnancy into a photo project. I was desperate to try and understand what was happening to me and my body instead of being preached to and told what was happening to me by books, manuals, midwives and other well-meaning people.

So this project, ‘New Skin’ follows on from that. It’s about me and it’s about you and it’s about us muddling through. Trying to make sense of our experiences now we are mothers or fathers intrinsically entwined in this parenting-thing.

It’s about there never being any time anymore for you, it’s about the highs and the lows and the goddam greys in-between. It’s about laughter and tears, frustration and delight, it’s about the journey, the one that frequently involves moving from the sofa to the kitchen, the kitchen to the loo and back to the kitchen again…you get the picture.

But it’s your journey, our journey.

It’s a chance to explore again. Explore your life, your new identity, Motherhood.

In all it’s Technicolor guts and glory…